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10 Tips on How to Lose Weight Through Meal Planning

Are you looking to lose weight the healthy way?

Have you heard about the convenience of meal planning in advance but are unsure of the execution?

If so, this guide is for you. We know losing weight isn’t easy. But with a little patience and preparation, a healthy body is attainable.

Below, we give you 10 tips on how to lose weight and live your best life with meal planning.

1. Plan in Advance

It’s very important that you plan your meals for the week in advance.

Buy a food journal and write out one week worth of meals and the ingredients you will need for them.

When you plan your meals in advance you’re less likely to stray from the plan and dart to a fast food drive thru when you get hungry.

2. Don’t Shop Hungry

Take your list and head to the grocery store, but whatever you do, don’t shop hungry!

If you go to the grocery store hungry you will end up with tons of food in your cart that you don’t need. Only buy the food items that you listed in your journal as needed for the week.

The exception for this being veggies – you can buy as many veggies as you want.

3. Designate a Cooking Day

Once you have your ingredients from the store, it’s time to prep a week’s worth of meals.

Designate one day a week to spend the afternoon meal prepping. If you keep the same day every week you’re more likely to be consistent with it.

Cooking on the same day you get your ingredients is a good idea as it will ensure your food doesn’t spoil.

4. Reuse Containers

Meal prep requires you to use a lot of containers for storing your food.

Make sure you use containers that are reusable so you’re not spending a fortune on food storage. A great tip is to save old take out containers and use them to store your food.

5. Focus on Protein

When trying to lose weight or gain lean muscle it’s important to focus on protein.

Women should aim for 46 grams per day, and men 56 grams a day.

6. Eliminate Refined Sugars

When planning your meals it’s important to stick to natural foods and avoid refined sugars.

Refined sugars are present in cakes, cookies, and candy but also lurk in unsuspecting foods like bread. Always check the label before buying ingredients to ensure there isn’t added sugar.

7. Prepare the Right Portions

Be sure you’re picking the right portion sizes for your foods. It is helpful if you serve your foods on smaller plates so you won’t be tempted to eat more.

8. Snack Smart

When you’re looking to lose weight, snacking can actually help you.

Eating regularly throughout the day keeps your metabolism high so snacking on healthy, low-calorie foods is the way to go.

Healthy snacks include celery and peanut butter, or carrots and hummus.

9. Don’t Drink Calories

When trying to lose weight through meal prep, don’t focus entirely on foods. Drinks can also have a negative impact on your waistline.

Eliminate sugary, carbonated drinks and instead stick to water and tea.

10. Check Pinterest

Pinterest has a gold mine of meal prep secrets on how to lose weight. Simply search for meal prep meals on Pinterest and try out some of their many healthy recipes.

That’s How to Lose Weight Through Meal Planning

Losing weight can be an uphill battle but if you think carefully about what your meals and plan them well, you can do it.

Want more tips on transforming your body? Get a free consultation now!

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