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4 Tips for Getting Shredded Abs

If you’re looking to get absolutely shredded abs, look no further.

You may just be starting out, or you may feel like you’ve already tried everything, but if you follow these four simple tips, you’ll have the six pack of your dreams in no time. And the best news? It’s easier than you think.

Read on for the four most useful tips for getting shredded abs.

1. Focus on Fat Loss

You may have heard it said that everyone has abdominal muscles already, but you just can’t see them.

Uncover the abs you already have by focusing on lowering your overall percentage of body fat. Here’s how.

Watch Your Calories

You can download applications onto your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to monitor your intake of calories. Some even allow you to simply scan the barcode to receive all the information you need!

Keep Moving

You won’t see the kind of fat loss results that you’re looking for from just calorie-counting alone. Exercise is absolutely necessary as well.

Keep your exercising on track by planning specific days of the week in which you hit the gym or work out at home. Grab a gym buddy to motivate and hold you accountable!

Only when you integrate both the proper diet and exercise into your life will you begin to see a total transformation!

2. Nutrition Is Your Secret Weapon

Having a great body doesn’t just come from watching how much you eat. What you’re eating is just as important.

The golden rules? Eat lots of fruits and veggies, stay away from sugars, refined carbohydrates, and starches, and try to keep your diet as balanced as possible. And if you need to splurge, just remember- moderation is key.

To keep yourself on track, meal planning can be very useful. Map out your meals for the week, purchase only the foods you need to make those meals, and hold yourself accountable, using an app to track what you’re needing if helpful.

3. Core Strength Will Get You Shredded Abs

When we think of getting a shredded six pack, we usually just think of doing crunches. But targeting your core is what will really help you see the difference.

Planking, bicycles, mountain climbers, leg drops, and leg circles are all amazing for your core and your six pack! Plus, not only is great for shredding abs, core strength also has a number of health benefits for your body.

4. Patience Is Key

Last but not least, don’t forget to be patient with yourself and your progress. If you expect too much too quickly, you’ll be sure to become frustrated and thwart your own attempts.

Create a support system of friends, workout buddies, and family around you who are aware of your goals and can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because once you start seeing results towards getting the shredded abs of your dreams, you won’t want to back down. A support system or friends to workout with can also help you hold onto your fitness successes after you’ve reached them.

It’s That Easy

With the proper diet and by integrating the correct exercises into your workout, you’ll be seeing results in no time at all. Just remember to hold yourself accountable, to not give up, and that progress doesn’t happen overnight!

Have questions or need help with making headway? Shoot me an email at or call 1-818-334-6818. Start your journey to shredded abs today!

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