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5 Reasons to Hire a Nutrition Expert

Obesity strains the body on almost every level. It also puts you at greater risk for a host of other conditions, such as:

  • stroke
  • cardiovascular disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • gout
  • osteoarthritis

Doctors will advise you to lose weight. The truth is that losing weight is difficult and often requires the support of professionals. One of the most invaluable professionals who can assist you in that weight loss quest is a nutrition expert.

So let’s dig in and explore five reasons to hire one.

Getting Started

Losing weight in a healthy way is time intensive and complicated. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by all the factors involved.

Should you focus on exercise? If so, what kind of exercise? Should you try dieting first?

Should you try dieting first? Is vegetarian the way the go or maybe you need one of those low-carb or low-calorie approaches?

Just trying to sort the options is exhausting.

Consulting with a nutrition expert gives you a firm place to start. It lets you focus you on one part of the weight loss equation and get a solid handle on it.

A Nutrition Expert Offers Reliable Food Information

Many people turn to the Internet for food information. Then they discover it’s littered with contradictory, incomplete or intentionally misleading information.

For example, you’ll hear that you need to avoid starches like bread or pasta. That’s good advice, except during the lead-up or cool down from working out. Carbs work as fuel during a workout and help replace lost glycogen afterward.

A nutrition expert can offer reliable information about food choices and when you should ignore the standard rules.

Meal Planning Guidance

You’ve discussed good and bad foods with one or more nutrition experts and made a list of things you can eat. You’re good to go, right?

Not necessarily.

Nutrition for weight loss isn’t just about what you eat, but what foods you pair and portion control. A chicken breast, black beans, and quinoa might look like a balanced meal, but it’s protein-heavy. It’s likely more protein than you should get in a single meal.

A nutrition pro helps you plan meals that balance food options to get the right portions and mix of foods.


Have you ever decided not to buy something because you didn’t want to explain the purchase to you significant other?

That is accountability in action. When it comes to weight loss, knowing a nutrition pro will review your choices can lead to numerous benefits, including:

  • increased commitment
  • better results
  • more motivation

There’s also some social pressure not to fail. Like it or not, most of us live in fear of failing in front of someone. You can use that fear to help you stay the course.

Psychological Support

A nutrition pro isn’t a therapist, but they can still be a source of psychological support about food. They can assure you that your food choices are healthy and will help promote weight loss.

Even more important for some people, that support will come from an expert. It’s easier to dismiss support from friends or family because they’re invested in your well-being.

Professionals aren’t invested that way, so their support often holds more mental weight.

Parting Thoughts

Food is just one part of weight loss, but it’s a foundational part.

If you aren’t eating the right things in the right portions, you’ll be hampered at every step of the process. A nutrition professional can help you get that side of things into shape, so you can focus your energies on things like exercise.

From Obese to Beast helps the obese transform their bodies with nutrition coaching and fitness guidance. If you have any thoughts on this post, please leave a comment.

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