Healthy Eating Tips – Weight Loss Transformation From Obese To Beast Fitness Story

*Healthy eating is probably the most important thing you can do during your fitness or weight loss journey. Some people think that eating healthy foods are just for those who need to lose weight, while it’s true that if you plan on losing some fat, you absolutely do need to eat healthy, the same is also true if you want to transform your physique. The shredded look many people seek isn’t just accomplished by lifting, yes, doing those heavy lifts will indeed help you build muscle but it will do nothing to destroy the thick later of fat blocking your muscles from “popping out” in a way that most people would want to see visually. You’ll start to see progress below 13% bodyfat, and below 10% is when you’ll start to look shredded. You simply can not get below 10% bodyfat by eating whatever you want, you’ve got to count your macros and read nutrition labels, keeping a close eye on what is going into your body. I’ve made these tips to answer the question most people ask me: How can I eat healthy?

*Here Are 10 Easy Healthy Eating Tips:

  1. *Eat lots of protein from various sources. If you’re vegan you’ll need to get creative and make sure the protein you get are “complete proteins” so that you get all the essential amino acids you need such as with quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, hemp-seed, Salvia hispanica otherwise known as chia seeds, soybeans, seaweed, and spirulina. You can also get plant based protein from peas, beans, lentils, basically the family of legumes. If you’re not a vegan, In addition to meat based protein, I would still recommend that you also eat vegan sources of protein and mix them in with lean cuts of meat, poultry, and seafood, and stay away from pork or overly greasy cuts of beef and other meats. Get your fat from plants like avocado and nuts, don’t get it from fatty cuts of meat.
  2. *Healthy Eating Doesn’t mean avoiding fat. Quite the opposite can be true! Not all sources of fat are created equal, getting a moderate portion of good fats from nuts and avocados, can actually help you lose weight! That’s right, fat that makes you burn fat, not gain it. Another good source of fat are coconuts and palm oil, as they are a medium chain triglyceride or MCTs, these types of fats are dietary fats that are more quickly absorbed by the human body, and metabolized faster / used as fuel. I’m going into detail about this because there’s a major stigma out there about eating FAT, people actually believe that eating fat, makes you fat. With this way of thinking, people try to buy items from the supermarket with the absolute lowest quantity of fat grams, and what makes matters worse is they often avoid the rest of the nutritional labels and end up buying products high in simple carbs, refined sugars, and other harmful ingredients. These products have the opposite effect, they will actually MAKE YOU FAT!
  3. *Stay away from starchy foods, unless it’s RIGHT BEFORE your workout within 1.5 hour window and in small portions that your body may readily use as fuel, or RIGHT AFTER your workout so that you can replenish your glycogen stores. Eating starchy foods any other time is just FAT FAT FAT!! Not only are starchy foods high on the glycemic index, but they also clog up the small intestine, this basically makes you want to eat more just to satisfy your own appetite, this process also forces the human body to absorb a much higher quantity of fat & water that would come from the large intestine.
  4. *Eat your veggies, it’s not just something mom used to tell you because you’ll get your vitamins, sure, it has that benefit too, but it’s also an effective way to kick start your metabolism and add low calorie yet highly nutrient dense foods to your diet that will satisfy your hunger and will not add any weight gain. Fun fact about vegetables, the body uses almost as many calories to digest the veggies you eat, as the veggies themselves contain! What I’m saying is, it’s almost like a free food, of sorts. If I were to make a meal for myself, I would have the meat and veggies be the largest potions of food, and my complex carbs or carb/protein hybrid like quinoa be the smaller portion of the 3. Veggies also have plenty of fiber, which most people are lacking in their diets, especially those who are looking to drop some bodyfat. Watch out for beets and corn, these are the only veggies that actually have a high glycemic index and trigger the insulin cycle. Vegetables also have cancer-fighting phytos or phytochemicals.
  5. *Eat fruits, they are chalked full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Fruits are a delicious, quick and easy to eat / travel with all natural snack that you can have at home, on the go, at the office or anywhere. Fruits are also fun to eat, most people have fruits they absolutely love, berries, apples, peaches, we all have a favorite fruit.  Fruits also may help reduce the risk of contracting many awful diseases, such as Heart Disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), and some form of cancers.  Blueberries are one of the most beneficial fruits you can consume with the highest amount of antioxidants. Lastly, orange, yellow, and red fruits / veggies contain Carotenoids, another powerful Antioxident known to help the cardiovascular system, and has a wide range of benefits from cardiovascular health, to carrots slowing down the process of eye disease, support the immune system and have possible anti-tumor properties, are good for the skin, and can even increase male fertility. But watch out; don’t eat too many! Consume small portions each day, maybe a few berries over your oatmeal, mix in an apple with your green juice for taste, but don’t go overboard with fruits, remember, fruits are sugar too! Moderation is key.
  6. *Eat your calories, don’t drink them. You’re basically killing your chances at losing weight if you consume beverages loaded full of calories, sugar, and carbs. Even if it’s fruit juices, they tend to have very high calorie counts, and some have added sugar, not to mention a high amount of fructose too (which you might as well just get from the fruit itself rather than a drink). These drinks basically serve no practical purpose, they won’t satisfy your hunger, they will be counter productive to your weight loss / fitness goals, most of them including sparkling beverages do not contain any beneficial nutritional value, so you’re basically drinking your way into poor health. Here’s what I think you should drink plenty of: WATER!! Yes, water is natures weight loss miracle, it’s so easy to have a quick glass of water, so why not do it? Water helps ease up constipation, aids in digestion by improving  the gastrointestinal tract functions. Water is a great detoxifier, it basically helps your body flush out nasty toxins that are accumulating and need to escape. Additionally, water increases your bodies own internal fat burning rate by increasing the breaking down and eliminating of fat cells within your body. Water actually has way more than just weight loss benefits, its good for your skin, relieves frequently felt fatigue, it can improve your mood, even treats migraines and occasional headaches that can be caused by dehydration, and helps regulate body temperature. There are an alarming amount of reasons to drink water, here’s another one, it’s fat free, calorie free, carb free, sugar free, gluten free, and it’s actually free to get as well. So load up on that water!
  7. *Some other healthy drinks besides water that you might consider if you’re getting a craving for variety include: Unsweetened Tea, Non-sweetened all natural cold pressed vegetable juices, core water actually releases an all organic flavored water that has 5 calories, which taste pretty decent considering it is pretty healthy, and although it’s not organic, and not exactly “super healthy” BAI water taste good and will not promote weight gain, and it’s much better than drinking a soda. Unsweetened tea in general is the best low calorie sugar free drink, it’s a safe drink to order and you can get it pretty much anywhere. Cold pressed vegetable juices with less than 10 grams of fructose are great, if you’re looking for brand names you can buy when you’re shopping, suja is a good one that I happen to know about, but it’s expensive to buy ready made juices, if you have a blender, a whole weeks worth of healthy nutritious juice can cost as little as $15-$20. This would include one-two juices a day chalked full of vital nutrients that you can customize yourself and pay less than a third of the price as compared to buying it at the market.
  8. *Green tea is so good, I had to elaborate on it a bit: Green Tea is the second best thing you can drink outside of water of course. It has many bioactive compounds that improve health in a multitude of ways: Studies have shown Green Tea to promote fat loss, It’s loaded with an incredibly powerful array of antioxidants / polyphenols such as flavonoids & catechins, as well as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is one of the reasons Green Tea has so many medicinal benefits. These antioxidants are well known to have properties that can reduce the formation of free radicals. In addition to all of that, green tea also has thermogenic properties by being a natural source of caffeine. Green Tea also has a naturally occurring amino acid called L-Theanine, which has the effect of increasing the activity of GABA (a neurotransmitter), which acts as a calming / anti anxiety agent, it’s a powerful combo when paired with caffeine, and as such, consumption of green tea may improve brain function. Green tea even kills harmful bacteria, and could lower the risk of Type two diabetes by improving cholesterol levels.
  9. *Count calories and macro-nutrient values, use the app my fitness pal, it’s great. There are other apps that would work as well, look around for which apps suite your purpose the most.
  10. *Make Time to prepare your meals / plan ahead. Everyone thinks they are simply too busy, and maybe some people are, but for most of us, it is possible with the right planning. Too busy to cook and count macros? It doesn’t take as much time as you think, you can cook in bulk for a few days in just an hour or two max, and remember to read labels, add things up and weigh your food. Portion control!

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Healthy Meal Prep Service

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*These are some super condensed quick healthy eating tips and a how to eat healthy for weight loss guide. I’m writing a larger more detailed nutrition guide, with examples and much more data soon, as well as writing a weight loss book. I plan to release those by September 20th, 2016.Hope you enjoyed and found useful our tips to eating healthy guide and website articles, stay tuned for more useful information as it comes in!

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