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*Hi everyone, I’m Adam “The Beast” formerly morbidly obese for most of my adult life and have lost 200 lbs! So you’re reading this article because you’ve been wondering how to lose weight, before I cover some basic bullet points on proper eating, working out, supplements, and more info, I’ll share a bit of data, knowledge, and my personal experience and part of my story (I’ll try to keep this as short as possible). I will share the weight loss tips at the end of this article, but I’d really like you to read my story first, the psychological struggles, and understand them. This isn’t a typical weight loss article, this is as personal as it gets, it’s about my life and how I turned it around, and now I’m devoting my life to helping you do the same. It’s going to take more emotional strength than anything to start your journey, and honestly the hardest part is making it the first 90 days with your new lifestyle in place. If you can make it that far, and do it in such a way that you’re happy with your new life and you’re happy with yourself and the environment around you, it will become a part of you, and your chances of relapse are going to be pretty slim.

*So I’d like to start off by saying: You’re not alone! It’s becoming almost commonplace for the average American to be obese or at the very minimum, be a bit overweight and out of shape. Furthermore, the rate of obesity in America is growing at an alarming rate, and so are co-morbidity related deaths (other fatal illnesses you get because you’re obese). I myself had stage one fatty liver, was pre diabetic, had sleep apnea, acid reflux, back and knee problems, issues with my LDL and HDL cholesterol balances, and more. After losing 200 lbs, I’ve completely eradicated my illnesses, and I’m living a happy and healthy life!

*What’s even more alarming is: For those of us who have ever crossed the threshold from simply being overweight to complete morbid obesity, statistically speaking, at that stage, only 1 out of 1300 morbidly obese men who ever actually try to lose their weight, will ever achieve their goal; for females this number is 1 out of 600. These statistics say that the odds are against us, and honestly, when I was obese, I felt that way too. For the longest time I blamed genetics (my mom and dad were both overweight), and I blamed relationships and friendships for being bad influences and causing my relapses.

*But there’s something I didn’t realize all those years: My biggest enemy was myself! The truth is: No-one forced me to eat badly, or to binge drink several times a week, or visit buffets.  Yes, I was definitely lacking a good support system, and my friends and relationships did not help, but ultimately these were all my choices, and the first step to any addiction is admitting you have a problem and to stop blaming others. I know that sounds cheesy, you’re thinking gosh am I in AA? Well sort of. Food addictions are real, eating food literally increases a neurotransmitter in your brain which affects its pleasure center. Ever felt really great after eating what you considered an awesome meal? Happier even? Well the food, literally made you happy.  This is why food is often a coping mechanism for underlying depression.

*Because food is such a powerful anti depressant, most people who are or were at one point morbidly obese all have a story that was the turning point in our weight gain and our weight loss, I won’t go too deep into mine here but it involved an umbilical hernia, followed by a tragic house fire that wiped out my entire life’s belongings and made me homeless.  My weight loss turning point was a trifecta of my father passing away from heart disease, being turned down for a weight loss TV show (I was exploring other easier avenues before I decided to do it myself), and a long term relationship which was getting violently sour (verbal and physical abuse including my partner pushing me down a flight of stairs) I felt I was being abused because my partner knew I was too obese to find another mate. I got so big that I couldn’t bend over in my own shower, I had to buy special chairs and toilet seats meant for someone 400 lbs + or I would just break them, I was changing my mattress on a regular basis, they would never last longer than 6 months before there were holes in them from my heavy weight and then my back would hurt from sleeping with my spine curved, I needed a handicap pass because I wouldn’t walk even a block before needing to sit down from the back pain, and so much more. It’s important to understand your own story too, and not to just brush it under the rug, but really truly understand, accept it, put it in the past, and make a life changing decision now while you still have a chance. Cry about it, it’s okay, I know I did, there’s so much of my story I never really talked about to people, and the struggles of my life as a morbidly obese man, but I feel like the emotional release of confronting who I was, and what REALLY got me there, not what I told people, is really what served as the biggest wake up call for me.


  • *Eat Healthy!   I eat 5-8 healthy meals and snacks per day. On training days, I eat 8 meals which includes snacks, unless you’re trying to get really big like me, you’ll be fine with just 6 meals on training days and 4-5 meals on non training days. I no longer count calories much anymore, I religiously however count my carbs and protein, but I’ve also been recycling food habits for 13 months, to start off, and I built so much muscle mass that my basal metabolic rate is 2400, that means if I eat less than 3,000 calories, I will actually lose weight at this stage, and with the super clean meals and snacks I eat, I would literally have to buffet on them to gain any weight right now, so I’ve actually stopped logging calories as of recent. You however should do this: I’d recommend you to download Myfitness pal app and log everything you eat, find out what your basal metabolic rate is, and eat at or below those amount of calories, so the main deceit comes from your daily activity. Examples of healthy food would be, lean cuts of meat like chicken breast, turkey, lean grass fed ground beef, seafood (I love salmon), or if you’re vegan than plant based complete protein such as quinoa, beans, peas, artichoke, and more.  When I say “eat healthy”, most people respond with “what’s healthy?”. Well, I feel like most of us do have a good idea of what healthy is, at least somewhat, we know wings and pizza are bad and we know veggies and chicken breast are good, the problem is, we just don’t want to do it because we think it’s going to be torturous; but it doesn’t have to be. You can use plenty of seasonings, and create true culinary delights that are both healthy and satisfy the palate if you were determined enough to do it. You don’t have to eat plain chicken everyday, you can eat salmon, lean ground turkey or turkey breast, lean ground beef, just make sure all the cuts of meat are very lean. The idea is to get most of your daily fat from plants not from animals. Animal fat doesn’t really give us any benefit, but the poly and mono unsaturated fat we get from plants does. The only exception to this is Fish, especially salmon (which has the highest amount of helpful omega 3 fish oils and the second least amount of mercury from most commonly consumed fish varieties). Stay away from starchy foods like white bread, white rice, and potatoes, and go for brown rice, whole wheat, grains, seeds, quinoa instead. Stay away from Sugar as much as possible, it’s literally poison, sugar and simple carbs will basically become fat in your body if you don’t burn it all off as energy within a short window of time whereas complex carbs and fructose take much longer to convert into fat giving you more time to utilize them as energy. The only time you can have a tiny bit of simple carbs or sugar is an hour before the workout or immediately after which could help to refuel your body’s glycogen stores, you don’t really need it at all if you’re not doing high intensity workouts, in that case just never eat starch or sugar at all.  THIS IS 80% OF THE WORK, YOU CAN’T SKIP THIS AND JUST WORKOUT, YOU’LL NEVER LOSE THE WEIGHT, I PROMISE! This journey isn’t something you should consider when you’re not ready, instead you should reflect on your life, mentally prepare yourself for this first, and remove any obstacles that could come in your way, before getting started.


  • *Move Your Body. I personally preferred doing mostly weights and some cardio, but maybe you have a different goal in mind. The main thing is, move your body, burn calories and fat. Working out only adds to your weight loss, and it builds muscle which not only burns calories while you’re doing it but also increases your basal metabolic rate (basically how many calories you naturally burn while at rest), which means you’ll be burning more calories and fat all day, everyday, also increases your natural production of hormones like HGH and Testosterone, as well as creates plenty of endorphins which make you feel, and look better, it’s a perfect compliment to a healthy diet. I feel like I was more successful with my journey because I balanced both healthy eating and workouts, but remember, if you absolutely can’t workout for some strange reason (we all have at least 30 minutes in our day), at the very least, eat healthy, otherwise workouts won’t help.


  • *Get some sleep! It’s well known when you’re asleep, your body is hard at work healing illnesses, repairing your muscle tissue, and even burning fat. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, aim for 8, I feel that’s the sweet spot, but if you can’t at least try to get 7 hours of sleep at the minimum. You’re also ramping up your hormone levels while you sleep, which is why they say the mornings are a perfect time to workout.


  • *Go to the doctor regularly and check everything. Health isn’t just about being obese, or in a normal weight range, it’s about underlining problems that could have negative long term impacts. Check your blood often for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, check your amino acid levels, electrolytes, thyroid and liver issues, your hormone balances such as testosterone, cortisol, estrogen and more. Ultimately it’s up to you, to take your health into your own hands, learn as much as you can, because trust me, nobody else will care as much as you will.


  • *Build a support group. It’s so important to be around like-minded people who are active, eat healthy, and not only support your goals but are right there doing it with you. Make new friends at the gym, go to a vegan food festival and socialize with whoever you can, yes it can be hard, and awkward to do this, but ultimately having a nurturing environment is key. I have so many new friends now just from these 14 months that I’ve been losing weight, and my new friends eat healthy food with me, we workout and go hiking together, play tennis, go for jogs, go out to dance at nightclubs, and other fun activities, most importantly; I don’t feel alone anymore, and neither should you!


  • *Be choosy about your workout environment. Whether you’re going to work out at a gym, or join a hiking group, biking group, group fitness class, or anything, being careful about being in the right environment is key to your success and happiness, remember this going to be a part of your everyday life. If you’re tight on finances I get it, but if not, remember you’ll be at this gym or other potential group environment potentially 4-6 days a week, pick one that makes you happy but doesn’t break the bank. There are so many gyms with smaller membership counts, better equipment, cleaner environment (better maintained and sanitized), and a friendly staff / other members who could make you feel like you’re part of a community, and encourage you as you go along and they see your progress. I was blessed to have this at my local gym through my whole journey, and it really did help me quite a bit.


  • *Set up some challenging yet achievable goals. It’s important to always be working towards a goal, whether it’s a fitness goal, weight loss goal, or even life goals in general. It helps us keep going and keeps us from being complacent on where we are, so we’re always moving forward. Make sure not to make them too hard, the idea is to make it challenging yet achievable with the right amount of hard work, and treat yourself at the end of the goal, take that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on, eat that meal you’ve been craving forever, whatever makes you happy, add something positive to reward yourself for a job well done!


  • *Listen To Your Body! Don’t kill yourself. If you show up to the gym or other group activity one day and discover something just doesn’t feel right, as I have before, you pull up to the parking lot, and your body / mind just doesn’t feel right, you can tell something is off, and you are wondering if you’re able to workout or not, this means it’s time to take a break and you’ve been going way too hard for way too long. Listen to your body, take the day and go get a massage, maybe go on a nice easy walk in the park if you feel like you still need to move around that day, but take it easy, and do something fun. Remember, this journey doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, quite to the contrary, I’m having more fun now than I have my whole life, I’ve just learned new ways of doing it, and I’ve learned to make a strong mind-and-body connection.


  • *Supplements To Take: This is something people ask quite a bit, which supplements should I take for weight loss? Although I strongly encourage the use of natural supplements as a boost to your health and wellness, and in some cases to increase your metabolism a bit, well, this has the least effect out of anything you can do. You need to have your food, and workout schedule in perfect synergy first before going out and buying pills. Think of supplements as a way to enhance your progress, not as a way to make progress, if you have that mentality than you’ll do fine. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take supplements, in fact, certain natural supplements can be helpful, but others can do more harm than good. One important rule of thumb for optimum health and wellness is, if it’s natural, it’s good, most of the time anyway. I wouldn’t go out and buy a bunch of legal speed pills and expect to transform your life, because it won’t, maybe you’ll lose some weight initially, but once your body gets used to those pills, you’ll gain it back, and more as well as possibly do irreversible damage to your body. I’m going to be writing a full page article about supplements soon, but until then, I’d recommend everyone to be on a good multi vitamin, get tested by a doctor to see if you need one that has co-enzymes in it or if you’re processing folic acid well enough on your own, fish oils especially on days that you’re not eating fish high in omega 3, L-Carnatine, CoQ10, Plant Sterols among many other natural supplements.


  • *Some good rules of thumb: Try to stay away from GMO and highly processed foods, starchy foods, artificial colors and flavors, carbonated beverages, and anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Eating organic is great, if you can afford it, but if you can’t, just try your best to make wise decisions whenever you can and look for deals on healthy food.

*So these are the basics of how to lose weight, I hope you found it useful and can implement it into your own life. I have a ton of workout videos and examples on my Instagram, go to you may also add me to and I’m also about to roll out a YouTube channel and will soon release workout episodes there, but for now you can subscribe to the channel and see the videos as soon as I roll out with them: My YouTube

*I’m also planning on writing a detailed fitness and weight loss guide that I will soon offer as an E-Book, with much more details on it, so stay tuned for that. Because I have so many thousands of people that ask me for weight loss advice every month, unfortunately I can’t respond to everyone of them, instead I write articles like this one, post food and workouts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube hoping to help answer questions and provide motivation and inspiration to my viewers. If you want some personal 1-on-1 advice custom tailored to your goals, I’m also offering some coaching sessions, click on the services page of this website to learn more. There is no obligation to ever buy anything, but anything you do buy will help support my need for skin removal surgery, and upcoming plans to compete for men’s physique where I plan to go full circle, from obese, to winning best physique! Now that you know my goals, you should set up some of your own, I feel like having weight loss and fitness goals has helped me phenomenally; I always have something I’m working towards.

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