How To Train

*Eat – Eat clean meals geared towards your fitness goals. If you’re trying to be a bodybuilder you’ll want the lowest bodyfat percentage and the highest muscle gains, this is achieved through food mostly, the workouts just make it happen, but without proper nutrition, it’s a futile effort. If you’re trying to gain weight, alot of your strategy will depend on your body type and metabolism. Some people have a hard time gaining weight, no matter how hard they train and what they eat, they can’t seem to put on much bulk. Others put on weight easily and have to be very careful or else that bulk will be more fat than muscle and will just be counter productive to their goals.

*Sleep – Get Adequate amounts of sleep, preferably at least 8 hours, but hopefully not less than 7 hours each night. Make time for this, it’s pretty darn important, not only for your muscle growth, but your immune system, and other vital bodily functions, even mental cognition. So get your sleep every-night!

*Lift – Lift those weights, push and challenge yourself to grow by increasing the workout difficulty with each passing week. Training can be done in many ways, and largely depends on your specific fitness goals, it’s very different from person to person. I love lifting weights, I actually find it fun, I find bodybuilding fun, so for me, that’s what I enjoy doing as the main component of my fitness training.

*Repeat! – Do it all over again, everyday!┬áLive and breathe your new fitness lifestyle, anyone can integrate this into their lives.

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