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So you’re probably on this page because you’ve been trying to eat healthy, and either can’t find the time, or the concept seems daunting and you’d rather take the hassle out and have a professional team make you perfectly nutritious meals to help you on your fitness goals. Well you’ve definitely come to the right place. I assume you’ve read into this website a bit and have read my personal story, and career field, and experience with weight loss, if you have, than I’m sure you can agree I’m definitely qualified to deliver exactly what you need to accomplish very specific goals.

There are many ways to lose weight, and many diet styles, some of these diet styles should be selected based on personal preference and some based on your body type. Generally those who gain weight easily are more sensitive to carbs and do well with either a balanced diet, low carb, or ketosis, while those who don’t gain weight easily or who don’t process fat as well will do better on a high carb very low fat diet. Either way, we have a meal plan tailored for you! We also work with trainers on custom macro-nutrients for an extra cost, we can completely customize the experience, although we feel that our default meals are perfect and the calories / macros can easily be adjusted by your snacking habits (eating more or less calories or certain nutrients within your chosen snacks), but your trainer (if you’re not training with us) may still insist on a very specific diet, we can accommodate that for an extra cost.

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Here’s what our partner, Muscle Up Meals pricing is like:

Our default balanced diet meals 1200-1400 daily calories (you add in snacks to consume more calories): $11-13 for lunch, $11-13 for dinner, $10 for meatless breakfast, $12 for breakfast with meat.

Standard Fitness Meals: $11-14 for lunch, $11-14 for dinner, $7-11 for breakfast.

Ketosis Meals: $15 for lunch, $15 for dinner, $11 for breakfast.

Customized Macros meals +$2 per meal

Extra meat + $1.50 per meal

Add avocado +$1 per meal

If you sign up for a monthly meals package and commit to food for a whole month, you’ll get 10% off the whole month of food, but you’ll have to be financially committed for the whole month and make a non refundable payment up front for the entire month.

Delivery fee is $5 minimum or $1.25 per mile if it’s more than 5 miles away from our Glendale location.

Los Angeles Meal Prep Delivery

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Beast meals is a healthy meal prep company for weight loss food, fitness meal preps, and many other related goals.

Meal Prep Los Angeles

Muscle up Meals started off as a meal prep Los Angeles company, but it’s expanding to many other southern California cities.