My Weight Loss Story

*I used to be Morbidly-Obese. I Had Many Obesity-Related Diseases Including issues with cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, high blood pressure, borderline diabetic, back and knee issues + much more. In addition to my medical problems, my emotional ones were just as troubling. After spending the last year transforming my body and mind, I decided to make it my life-long mission to help restore a healthy and happy life to others who were like me, tried many ways of losing weight and feel hopeless, depressed, and alone in their journey. I want to help YOU transform YOUR life; are you ready? It’s all in your hands, all you have to do is take the first step! Here’s a helpful article I wrote today, How To Lose Weight even after 3200 words, I couldn’t cover everything but I hope it will give some good insight not only on my fitness and weight loss journey, but everything you need to do to start yours, and serve as a point of reference.

*I hope that after reading my story, checking out my pictures, Instagram, YouTube (please subscribe and follow me), and this website, that I’ll be able to inspire and motivate people who are feeling stuck, hopeless, or confused about their fitness journey. This is a commitment, it’s not easy, but if you try to make it a lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be too hard either.

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