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Why You Don’t Need to Go to a Weight Loss Camp to Slim Down

TV shows like “The Biggest Loser” promote the concept that a short vacation from your everyday life, where you can entirely devote yourself to healthy eating and endless exercise, will result in miraculous weight loss. But is weight loss camp the right option for you?

There are many programs around the country which promise that the pounds will drop off, and you will leave with a dramatically new outlook and body. However, there can be drawbacks to this approach. Consider these four reasons why a weight loss vacation may not be the most effective way for you to lose weight.

1. A Weight Loss Camp Can Be Expensive!

At one resort in Utah, you can exercise for three hours a day plus a two-hour hike, and spend the rest of the time attending motivational lectures and nutritional seminars. They will charge about $2000 for a one week stay.

That’s not even the high end of the spectrum. “Elite” resorts like the Golden Door or Canyon Ranch may charge $7000 or more for their weight loss packages.

If your budget does not allow for spending thousands of dollars in your quest to lose weight and get healthy, a weight loss camp is not the best option for you.

2. Results Not Typical

When you read a glossy brochure for a weight loss resort, you will see all sorts of Before and After photos illustrating the amazing results of their programs. However, check the fine print: there will likely be a disclaimer stating “results not typical.”

Many people who sign up for these weight loss vacations experience the loss some pounds but rarely do they achieve the miraculous results advertised in the brochures. For many, the rigorous exercise and spartan menus make them come home from their weeks away only wanting to eat more!

You can actually incorporate some of the techniques used at these expensive spas into your daily workouts at home, for a lot less money! For example, if you can’t take a dawn hike in Utah, you can still create an early morning work out routine that starts your day off in a healthy way.

3. There is No Quick Fix

The most common complaint about going away to lose weight is that eventually, you need to come home. Being forced to exercise by buff drill sergeants and being served low-calorie haute cuisine by a trained staff every day is one thing: working these healthy habits into your daily life is another.

For people who are medically categorized as obese, successful weight loss comes from long-term lifestyle changes. Training, diet and psychological support need to be built into your everyday life for meaningful, lasting results.

Success does not happen overnight, or even over the course of a week.

4. Shaming Does Not Work

As anyone who has struggled with obesity, knows, the battle in your head is as hard as the battle with the scale. Being yelled at by people who look like fitness models is not necessarily the most productive approach for those of us already fighting low self-esteem.

Instead of weight loss camps staffed by skinny trainers yelling at you, there are programs available where you can find loving, non-judgmental support in your long-term quest to change your lifestyle.

Supportive Home-Based Weight Loss May be Better For you

Weight loss resorts often cost a lot of money and do not always have a strong track record for lasting results.

If you are seeking long-term success in changing your life, check out a home-based weight loss program. You have nothing to lose except pounds!

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